Who I Am…..

Just call me Mark.  I’ve always loved art!  When I was in 7th grade I spent hours painting my notebooks with surreal scenery.  In high school, I decided to be an artist / art teacher.

For the next forty years I studied, taught and tried every medium and style of art, happy with some, not with others, but I never really found my own voice as an artist.


In April of 2015, I was diagnosed with severe diabetic retinapothy.  I was legally blind!  My doctor said he wasn’t sure he could make it better, but he could probably keep it from getting worse….

I doubted that I would ever paint again, so I decided to try some different processes  as long as I had some vision.  I experimented with digital painting.  Using a 50 inch TV hooked to a computer I was able to zoom in and work on details that I couldn’t see otherwise.  Then a miracle happened.  After a lot of prayer from people all over the world and a couple of surgeries, my vision was restored, but during the time I was reccovering, I had developed a style and technique that resonated in my soul.


What’s Next…..

I don’t know.  I have produced more art since 2015 than in the forty years prior to that.  Do I have five years left to create?  Ten years?  I only know that as long as I can work, I will.

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Hamilton County Artist’s Association (HCAA) is the original juried fine arts organization in Hamilton County, Indiana.  We’ve been around since 1950 and our organization is a 501c3 non-profit organization ran by all volunteers.  The HCAA is a vital part of the arts in Hamilton County.